NexGen is an established talent agency specialising in the representation of children and young performers. We are based in London but our young clients hail from all over the UK. Our approach as an agency is focused on utilising our industry knowledge and experience to secure roles in some of the nation’s leading Film, Television, Commercial and theatre productions.

With a vast array of young talent on our books, we are experts at matching performers to what casting agents are looking for. It is the energy, enthusiasm and fearless talent of young actors that has prompted us to dedicate ourselves to representing a diverse range young artists.

Kids these days, they just don’t scare like they used to” – Monsters Inc

We are passionate about giving our children experiences they will cherish forever.

“There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours that you haven’t started wondering about yet” – Old Green Grasshopper, James and the Giant Peach.

How It All Works


Click 'Apply Now' and fill out all of your young performer's details, adding as much information as you can, and submit your application to NexGen Talent


Wait to receive you acceptance email! Please note, we receive up to 100 applications per week and not every performer can be accepted, but don't let this stop you from applying again in the future.


Once your application has been accepted you're ready to go! Welcome to NexGen Talent!

  • I joined the agency when I was 15 years old, they have always been welcoming and warm. The agents are always willing to answer any queries I have as naturally when I first joined this industry I had many questions! It is extremely exciting receiving casting auditions whether that be a meeting or a self-tape and it’s a huge opportunity and great experience.

  • Since joining NexGen a year ago, I’ve grown as an upcoming actor and am very pleased with my decision to allow them to guide me on my journey towards becoming an actor. As my first agent they helped me build my knowledge and skill towards gaining multiple auditions, three of which being pencilled for and eventually securing my first job with them. Without their help, I wouldn’t have come this far in such a short time. They have mentored me, giving me good tips and advice on self-tapes when I have taped for auditions and feed back has been very positive in all that I have sent. I highly recommend NexGen as a great agency to join as they make you feel welcome, are extremely friendly and always on hand to offer support.

  • My son Isaac has been registered with Nex Gen for more than a year and I have to say that the agency is great and the agents are absolutely brilliant. They are very helpful, professional and very understanding. They do their best to ensure that my child is successful in the most caring way Isaac is very happy with them and he has many casting opportunities. He was cast in a movie and it was an amazing experience for him and for me. He has fun and his confidence has grown. NexGen are really special, a great thanks!

  • Freddie has been given the opportunity to audition for a number of great TV and film roles. He was especially thrilled to be submitted for the role of ‘young Harry’ in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. He had a workshop style audition with Julia Horan and then was called back to meet the Director. He couldn’t believe it when he was offered the role. His agent was really excited too. It was his first time on stage professionally but he was supported through the rehearsal process and his agent came to watch him in the show and also arranged for a BBC casting director to come and watch the show too. The communication with us as has been great and the approach of the agency is professional and supportive.

  • Antonia David (Mum of Anika Selvarajah) My daughter has been in the entertainment industry over four years & she has had many agent requests on a weekly basis however we chose to stay with NexGen as we are very happy with their work. Anika has been very successful with NexGen. They always find very good auditions for her. Big names & big brands .They are very helpful & very easy to communicate with and are clearly dedicated in finding jobs for their kids. We are extremely satisfied with NexGen and look forward to the future!