Alexander Morrison

Gender Male
Playing Age 12 – 17
Ethnicity White
Eye Colour Blue-Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Short
Weight (kg) 50.80
Height (cm) 170
Chest (cm) 0.00
Inside Leg (cm) 0.00
Accents American-Standard, Central Scottish, Cockney, Dublin, Edinburgh, Fife, Geordie, Glasgow, Highlands, Liverpool, London
Languages English*
Music & Dance A Cappella, Alto, Ceilidh Dancing, Choreography, Dance (general), Harmony Singing, Keyboards, Pop Singing, Saxophone, Scottish Dancing, Singing (general), Soprano, Ukulele
Performance Skills Actor-Singer, Children’s Theatre, Presenting
Sports Cycling, Darts, Football, Karting, Pool, Rugby, Running, Swimming, Table Tennis
Disabled: No
Viewpin: 6937-9057-0311


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