• Is an agent really necessary?

    In today’s industry agents are the first port of call for production and casting directors to turn to looking for talent. It is possible to find jobs without one but generally the possibilities are limited and the standard of work can be low. Agents have the necessary contacts to provide you with security. Having an agent is the mark of your professional attitude.

  • Does it matter where I live?

    No it doesn’t matter where you live. NexGen represent clients from all over the UK. The majority of castings do usually take place in either London or Manchester but there are always self tape opportunities that can be filmed remotely on your phone from anywhere.

  • What are your commission rates?

    We have a varied commission rate structure ranging between 20-30% commission depending on the type of work. This is extremely competitive as some child talent and model agencies can charge up to 37.5%. The structure is always higher than adult acting agencies as there is often much more work and admin involved in placing a child into a project.

  • Once my child is registered with the agency, are they guaranteed work?

    No agency can guarantee any of their talent work. It’s important to be aware that it is always the client’s decision as to which child is ultimately chosen. What we can guarantee is that your child will be submitted for all roles in which they match the criteria.

  • What will happen once my child is registered with an agency?

    Your child will be put forward for all suitable opportunities based on the casting briefs sent by our clients and contacts.

  • How and when will I know when a client is interested in my child?

    As and when a client asks to meet your child for a casting or book them for a shoot we will contact you by email or telephone. It is essential to make sure your personal details are kept up to date and that our email address is saved in your contacts.

  • I work so can someone else take my child to shoots?

    Children must be accompanied by either a parent, legal guardian or a registered chaperone by law.

  • How can I help my child get work?

    In order to maximise your child’s chances of getting work it is really important to have up-to-date photos and measurements on the website any additional video footage of previous work or a nicely filmed monologue can also be extremely useful.

  • What is a licence?

    A license is there protect children in the industry, each local authority requires a licence for each booked job. This insures that the child doesn’t work over the permitted hours and that the conditions are always appropriate.

  • How can I tell that I am joining a good and reputable agency?

    A good indication of a reputable agency is often the credits the children have and the companies they have worked for. Also see how many children an agency has on their books, this can give you confidence that they are successful and well established.